My day by day life

It is very much amazing that I am designing website! I think this step website design will make my future. I start from the html and then I practised CSS, Now I'm practicing javascript, the most interested language designing website.

Well javascript is not static but many dynamic webpages are designed by javascript the next language php,, jQuery etc are also interesting! The coding are definitly very much strong in php!

It is very much hard to lead life. But it is also interesting to lead life. The almighty ALLAH has created us and he showed us the right way to step forward. I prefer and also from a simple creation of almighty that we all follow this way to be happy in the world. The easiest way is showed by our creator.

As a human being I think family is the main and basic institution of our society. Only family can give us the shelter and pure happiness. At the primary time of creation man was alone but his companion or closed family member gave him pure happiness. I live with my father, mother, sisters and they always show me and companion me. They also taught me the basic human behavior, the attitude. I wish long live the family instution in the world.