My academic info.

My school

I at age 4 with my father first admitted a Kinder Garten School and that was my first step to academic world. The school was Sunrise Kinder Garden School in My home district Naogaon, away from my home about 1km. I enjoyed my primary stage here. The academic classes, the sports, the yearly pared joining etc. I always was calm boy of the class and still.
Next I admitted in class six in a high school named Sheemanto Public School here I entered a new world of joy.

My college

I on class 11 admitted the college named Naogaon Govt. College new world where I newly know the vast knowledge. I bravly forward my steps toward the future career.

My University

I am now studying in Rajshahi University. Here I am studying in Department of CSE. Computer Science and Engineering is my favourite subject and I am lucky to read in this subject here. I think my future dream will be grown with this subject.